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US Premiership

Image credit: US Premiership

On July 30, the US Premiership officially launched via a pair of Facebook posts. The first was a bit light on information, but the second revealed that the organization has purchased the Texas Premier Soccer League, a semi-pro league affiliated with US Club Soccer, and that the owner and head coach of the Bay Area Hurricanes (based in Houston) is serving as South Texas Regional Commissioner, although this is somewhat unclear in the post.

Additional research by Beau Dure on Twitter indicates a partnership with the American Soccer League, an eight-team league based in the northeast. A cursory check shows that the American Soccer League website and the US Premiership website are on the same server and running the same Soccer Max engine. In a brief phone call with the league, we learned that the US Premiership is owned by Soccer Max Websites, a content management system for soccer teams and leagues based in Port St. Lucie, Fla. Information on two teams can be found on the American Soccer League website at present: Miami United FC, which played in the NPSL in 2018; and Miami Soccer Academy. Neither of those teams have ever played in the ASL, and Miami United CEO Roberto Sacca has no knowledge of the US Premiership. Curiously, Miami United is found in one of three news posts on the US Premiership site, which raises further questions.

I’ve reached out to Soccer Max Websites for additional info which will be shared as it arrives.

Thanks to American Pyramid Blog where we learned of this story on Twitter.

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