On Linux: Giving Zorin OS a go

Hello website!

I’m gonna ramble a bit about Linux today. For years, like, since high school, I’ve sworn by Linux Mint as my go-to, first-choice, no-brainer Linux distro of choice. But maybe that’s gonna change?

See, yesterday, I assisted a friend in dual-booting his laptop, and found that Zorin OS had a much better out of the box experience than Mint typically does. I’m no stranger to a bit of configuration and troubleshooting in the wild world of Linux, and I was shocked at how little needed to be done. Even high-DPI scaling, something Linux is notoriously not great at, worked flawlessly.

So, I’m gonna give Zorin a go on my primary Linux laptop, a Dell Latitude E5450. This is the first time I’ve switched my primary Linux device’s distro since my initial switch from some flavor of Ubuntu to Linux Mint circa 2009.

In fact, for quite a few years in high school, I was Linux-exclusive. My only main computer, a Toshiba Satellite laptop, was running Linux as its only OS, and everything I did was done on that laptop. That’s when I got heavily interested specifically in Mint.

But now, maybe it’s time for a change. I’m installing Zorin today, and I’ll be using this laptop for much of my lighter work stuff for a few weeks.


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