New on SocTakes: Front Porch Discourse partners with Soc Takes, BGN

Front Porch Discourse


(Feb. 8, 2018) — Front Porch Discourse has formed a new partnership with Soc Takes, and has joined the Beautiful Game Network (BGN) as well.

Run by co-hosts Ian Foster, John Lenard and R.P. Kirtland, Front Porch Discourse — formerly known as Front Porch Soccer — is a soccer podcast dedicated to stepping away from the bigger picture and focusing instead on the details.

“Front Porch Discourse was somewhat born out of a reaction to the hyperbolic hot-take culture that grips American soccer media,” Foster said. “We hope to be a counterbalance by devoting entire podcasts to singular topics, such as, ‘Why do some lower-league soccer teams fail?’ Soc Takes will provide us an environment and audience where a kind of research- and data-driven approach is highly appreciated.”

Soc Takes will provide a home for Front Porch Discourse along with promotional and financial support. The podcast will retain its current presence at iTunes, SoundCloud and elsewhere.

Front Porch Discourse becomes the fourth show under the Soc Takes umbrella, next to the Soc Takes Pod, Soc Takes TV and Lower League America. The show will also be a part of the aforementioned BGN collective, which the Soc Takes Pod is already a member of. Both podcasts can be found at alongside a deep cast of fellow soccer-focused shows.

Lenard is a Soc Takes staff writer in addition to co-hosting the Soc Takes Pod. He’s been with the website since its inception in 2017.

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