Three laptops? And a Surface?

“John, why on earth do you have three laptops AND a Surface Pro? And why are you writing this instead of that other, more time sensitive thing?”

On the latter, I need a break from Excel for a few minutes.

On the former, it’s pretty simple actually.


Right now, I have three laptops that are actively in use at home. And by that, I mean that all three get used at least twice a week on average. All three of these laptops are Dell, and all have been refurbished and restored from non-working, literally in the pile for recycling, to fully functional.

In order of increasing usage, I have a Latitude E6530, which has a 15 inch class display and a full number pad. This one is used for testing anything weird and experimental. I’ve had so few issues getting just about anything running on that generation of laptop, and it’s currently running a desktop port of Android called Phoenix OS.

The next-most used laptop is a Latitude 5450, which is a generation or two newer but lacks a backlit keyboard. It’s my Linux laptop at the moment, upgraded to 16gb of memory. It’s been positively rock solid running Linux Mint for weeks now, and is helping me to test for a future all-in on Linux again. I actually used Linux almost exclusively for most of high school, back when getting certain laptop functions working (cough cough Toshiba) was a pain in the ass.

The other laptop is the E6430 writing laptop, that once again is what I’m using to post to this website. It lets me watch stuff on my Surface Pro, which has a much nicer screen and actually decent speakers, while I’m writing. I’ve been using this thing almost every single day to keep working from bed or to move around the house. It even has its own dedicated MX Master.

So yeah. Quick little thing about work again. Work work work.


Ok, now back to my actual work.


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