The YouTube Experiment

I’m starting a YouTube channel. It’s going to bear the same branding as this website, intended as the video catch-all equivalent for me for the foreseeable future.

I’ve uploaded maybe a half dozen videos to YouTube in the past, but never with the intention of any sort of regularity. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, it’s that I really have no idea what I’m doing with regards to video. I’ve done some incredibly rudimentary video editing, and I worked on a video project back in high school, but stuff like what I typically see on YouTube is a complete blank spot for me.

In the past, when writing was still a blank spot for me, I started this WordPress site, wrote more, shared my posts around the internet, and eventually became what I would consider to be a good writer. With graphic design, I dove headlong into InkScape, started working on little projects, and have moved up to my sports flags, logo work, and all sorts of interesting projects.

With video, I feel the best way to figure it out is to start a YouTube channel and learn by doing once again. So, I’ll be posting those videos to this site, and several written articles will be made into videos. I also have a few ideas about the tools I use for the work I do as part of a larger “What exactly is it you do?” series.

My initial video projects will be made using OBS, a tool that I’m gaining familiarity with, and edited at first with OpenShot. There may be better free options out there, but this one looked decent enough for now.

So yeah, consider this the official announcement. Here is a link to the channel if you’re interested in subscribing. And click here for the video equivalent of this announcement.


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